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Alopecia Stories

Rhiana’s Story

When I was 12 years old, I began getting patches of hair loss. My mom took me to a dermatologist, where I was diagnosed with alopecia areata and tried different treatments including shots in my scalp. By the age of 14, my alopecia became alopecia universalis. Most of my hair had fallen out and I started wearing wigs. I was embarrassed and nervous. I was picked on in high school. As I got older, I began having more fun with changing hair. I tried every wig and every kind of wig one can imagine over 20 years. For my wedding this past summer, I wanted to get beautiful, real-looking hair so I could feel confident taking pictures. I came to Hair Enhancements. I ended up purchasing two that day: one to wear out and one to wear brand new on my wedding day. I’ll never go back to cheap hair again. I feel comfortable all day. My head isn’t itching. I don’t rip my hair off as soon as I walk in the door. I don’t always feel pretty or normal, but having beautiful hair as an option helps me to feel real again.

Before & After

Before Photo
After Photo

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