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Chemotherapy Stories

Lisa’s Story

My name is Lisa, I'm a 47-year-old wife and mom of two, and I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a year ago. Cancer changes a lot about your life that you can't control. Among all of the changes, the treatment caused me to lose my hair. I told myself "it's just hair," but I found that by losing my hair I lost part of my identity and confidence. Going to Hair Enhancements gave me back some of what I felt I lost and restored some control for me. I was so nervous and overwhelmed on my first visit, but Kelsie put me at ease very quickly and helped me find a wig that made me feel beautiful while giving my spirits a lift, and when I looked in the mirror I wasn't reminded of being sick... I felt like me! Kelsie and the rest of the staff have been so helpful and amazing every step along this journey. My daughter recently got married and my wig allowed me to feel like the perfect mother of the bride on such a special day! Life is tough with cancer, but the kindness shown to me and my family by everyone at Hair Enhancements during such a difficult time is a reminder that life is still good, and my wig helps me to feel confident and like my old self!

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