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Men’s Thinning Stories

Colton's Story

I was 16 when my hairline started to recede. Male pattern balding runs in both sides of my family. By the age of 21 after being on Propecia and Nioxin for 4 years. I had no hairline and was now clean shaving my head to hide my hair loss. I was very depressed and very self-conscious about my hair loss. I did a lot of research and had several consultations trying to figure out how to get my hair back. At the age of 23 I decided to have a hair transplant. I flew to Florida and spent over $10,000 to get a transplant. It went great but they said I would need 2 more surgeries to get the fullness I was looking for. I was back into my routine of hiding my thinning areas. Spending 45 minutes every day. Using a fiber spray and powder with hairspray to make my hair look thick was a nightmare. When I was 25, I finally decided after months of research I was going to try wearing a hair system. The day I had it cut in was the most exciting day of my life. Seeing the thick hair I always wanted brought tears to my eyes. I have been wearing hair for 3 years now and I will be wearing hair for the rest of my life. Spending 5 mins doing my hair in the morning and knowing it looks great is such a confidence boost. I love my hair so much now and never having a bad hair day is a dream come true

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