Custom Hair Systems


Hair Systems, also called hair pieces, hair additions, grafts, integrations, falls etc., are used when your hair loss does not require a full wig. Hair Pieces are smaller and designed to attach directly to your scalp or hair where you are experiencing loss of hair or bald spots.

Due to the technological advances in the hair replacement industry, today’s hair pieces are more natural looking than ever, and many even have the appearance of a real scalp. Women purchase hair pieces to cover bald spots or hair loss, or to give their hair a thick and full appearance.

Hair Pieces can be colored to match your natural hair color and our stylist will fit and custom cut your hair piece to match your hair cut and style. Hair pieces can be removed daily or for extended usage you can have your hair piece bonded or taped to your scalp. Either process presents a fully natural appearance.

Custom Hair Piece Tab Before & After

Before & After

Hair piece styles and quality come in a variety of options. The differences basically range from synthetic hair to human hair….. and cost and appearance of any given hairpiece varies widely based on the materials used and the level of craftsmanship in their creation.

The best hairpieces are custom-made of quality human hair (typically European Hair) matching your own hair or the hair of your dreams. This matching includes the color, texture, natural curl or wave (straightness), as well as hair density (thickness). Natural European hair pieces are considered the finest available however, it does depend upon where they originate and the best European hair comes from Russia, Turkey and other eastern European countries.

In general, these hair pieces are also the most expensive. The reason is women in Eastern Europe use significantly less coloring solutions on their hair than women in Western Europe and the United States. As a result, their hair is healthier and stronger.

The hairs of less expensive hairpieces may be made either of a moderate quality human hair or artificial fibers. Normally made from dark, straight Asian hair that has been dyed or bleached. Although Asian hair is very strong, the coloring processes make it brittle and dry, so it breaks easily. These hairpieces can begin to look fuzzy very quickly and need to be replaced often.

To determine the best solution for your individual needs, we recommend a customized one on one complimentary consultation. Your stylist will allow you to feel and try on all of the options and together you can select the option that best fits your lifestyle and budget.