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iStock_000008566392SmallsstaffEvery doctor knows that reducing stress is good for a patient’s overall health. When faced with excess stress, a patient’s immune system lessens its ability to protect. In addition to that, add feelings of vulnerability, stress, depression, and low self esteem, and you will realize the basic traits of someone who is facing the physical and emotional effects of hair loss.

Hair is one the first characteristics we notice when meeting someone, and in our society, a full head of hair is a representation of youth and vitality. Though many people lose hair due to genetic reasons known as androgenetic alopecia, it is increasingly found that medical conditions or medical treatments are a big contributor. Most common is the traumatic effects of chemotherapy treatments, but other culprits may include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, lupus, syphilis, scarring from accidents or burns on the scalp, dietary deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances.

Physicians, dermatologists, and oncologists now have the support needed to help their patients take control and plan ahead. Even in temporary hair loss, more and more doctors have found that they can significantly help their patients’ healing process by providing them resources that preserve their dignity and appearance. A simple and logical thought that always rings true is that “When you look good, you feel good” and with the multitude of options now available there is an abundance of non-surgical solutions to elevate one’s self image when it comes to any form of hair loss.

Regardless of the reason for their patient’s hair loss, a physician should seek a quality hair restoration specialist to complement their care. At Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh, our professionals in hair restoration offer private, informational, and free consultations for patients and free presentations for physicians.

Physicians and medical providers refer their patients to Hair Enhancement Of Pittsburgh because studies prove that those experiencing hair loss who feel good about the way they look, feel more confident, do more, and heal more quickly. Additionally, they have come to know that their patients will be treated in a compassionate and private environment by a sensitive and knowledgeable staff of professionals.

I refer all my patients with alopecia (Hair loss) to Hair Enhancements. They offer the highest quality and variety of hair pieces. They are part of my team to help patients feel better about themselves when suffering with alopecia.” – Joseph C. English III, MD

Debbie Mancuso is the premier thought leader on hair replacement solutions. I have been entrusting the care of my patients to Hair Enhancements Of Pittsburgh for years. What a wonderful and highly needed service.” – Mark P. Serely, MD

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2011. I am a nurse and I work with breast cancer patients so I knew what was in store for me. I couldn’t find a wig place close to my home so I pulled out my American Cancer Society list and found Hair Enhancements. I’m so glad I went there. Debbie was so kind, compassionate and understanding. I told Debbie that I didn’t want to look different. She knew exactly which wig would look perfect for me! Her shop also has a beautiful assortment of hats and scarves. Debbie helped to make a difficult time in my life a little easier and I feel confident when I refer my patients to her.” – Marianne, Registered Nurse

Thank you for the wonderful help in assisting me with my wig selection during a very difficult time. I looked and felt like “me” and most times forgot I had on a wig – it looked so natural. You and your staff were so compassionate and understanding. I could not have gotten through it so gracefully without your help.The work you do is amazing. Thank you!” – Kim, Medical Administrator

Dealing with hair loss is a devastating side effect of many cancer treatments. Patients must not only cope with their cancer diagnosis but also with significant changes in their body image and appearance. Having this service available to our oncology patients has given hope, inspiration, and the ability for our patients to face life again with renewed confidence and courage.” – Marilyn R. Gemme, R.N., M.S, Director of Oncology Services OSF Center for Cancer Care

Over the years I have found Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh to be extremely helpful in providing assistance and support to our patience regarding hair loss due to Chemotherapy. Debbie Mancuso and the staff have amazing expertise and spend the time to make sure the wig is the right one for patients and their lifestyles. They are professional and caring and provide patients a way to take positive control of part of their lives which are upended by cancer diagnosis and treatment. ” – Judy H.. Program Administrator, Women’s Cancer Services Magee-Womens Hospital

We feel confident when referring patients to the Hair Enhancements salon on the first floor of the Hillman Cancer Center. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and very skilled in fitting, styling and caring for wigs.” – Lynda Tunon, RN Director, Cancer Center Education, – Marina Posvar Coordinator, Patient Navigation Services, Hillman Cancer Center, UPMC Cancer Center

I have known Debbie Mancuso for many years. Debbie’s commitment to excellence is recognizable in all aspects of her life. Her talent, knowledge and expertise are unmatched and she is looked to as an expert within the hair replacement industry. Whether she is working to resolve a man or women’s thinning hair, a woman who is losing her hair due to her chemotherapy treatments or a child who lost their hair due to alopecia or cancer, whatever the reason – Debbie’s honesty, compassion and commitment to ensuring her clients receive the very best service and product is unsurpassed. I am 100% confident in Debbie’s unique ability to resolve her clients’ hair loss naturally and beautifully.” Rhonda McCarthy, National Program Director, Recover With Confidence

If you are a physician or a medical provider who works with women or girls suffering with hair loss or female pattern baldness, contact Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh at 412.344.9252 to receive complimentary materials for your patients or to schedule a private office presentation.