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topette with overlayMany of our clients prefer the absolute best option for their hair. Regardless of whether your hair is thinning or you are losing it due to natural or medical reasons, if it’s important to you to have the most natural looking and sophisticated options, Hair Enhancement Of Pittsburgh has an inventory that will meet your needs. No longer is it necessary for women to have to travel to New York or Los Angeles to be able to access the highest end options that include Virgin, Natural European, Turkish, Eastern European, Jewish or Russian Hair. The highest quality wigs and hair pieces today are fashioned from real human hair. However, not all human hair is the same. Natural human hair is available in a variety of types and the cost is dependent not only on the type, but the manner in which the hair is collected and processed.

Listed below is a list of the most popular types of hair used in wigs and hair pieces and their characteristics:

European Hair

londonw110overlayOverall, European Hair due to its relative rarity and ability to have natural-looking color in a variety of shades is considered the finest hair available. It is collected mostly from donors in Eastern Europe. Although fine in texture, it can be strong. European hair is available in medium blonde to dark brown. Light blonde hair is more rare and usually more expensive. The texture and appearance of European hair does however, depend on its origin. The best of the European hair emanates from Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe. Women in Eastern Europe use significantly less coloring solutions on their hair than women in Western Europe and the United States. As a result, their hair is healthier and stronger. European hair wigs and hair pieces also can be shaped and customized to your specifications as well as styled in countless ways, remaining natural to the look and feel plus, are lightweight and enjoyable to wear.

Indian and Asian Hair

romaw106overlayIndian Hair is usually wavy. The texture is closest to European hair, however, the hair does not flow and swing like European hair nor does it reflect color and light the same manner. Indian hair tends to be universally dark, with some gray blends. It must be processed and treated to achieve lighter colors. Most wig manufacturers use Indian hair and the quality varies depending on how the hair is processed.

Chinese Hair is very coarse and straight. It is usually too coarse for the use of hair replacements systems. However, it can withstand more aggressive processing. It is commonly used for high lift blonde colors.

Terms most frequently used to describe how human hair is processed and collected:

Remy Hair refers to human hair that retains the cuticle layer, the outer most part of the hair strand, flowing in the same direction, the way hair does naturally. The delicate process which maintains the cuticle in the hair is the key advantage of Remy hair, keeping it soft and silky, smooth and shiny, long lasting and tangled free. Remy Hair is sometimes referred to as cuticle hair.

Non-Remy Hair is the most common type available. It is also known as fallen hair, meaning that the hair was gathered from loose fallen hair and not from ponytails. The roots and tips of this type of hair are mixed together, therefore, tangling is a problem. To overcome this, non-remy hair is coated with silicone to reduce the tangling, however, once the silicone washes off, the hair will tangle.

Virgin Hair can be from any origin, it has cuticles aligned in the same direction, has not been colored or permed, and is totally unprocessed. It has a lot of natural shine and is commonly used for European hair systems.

newyorkD3overlayCuticle Hair also known as Remy Hair. Wigs and hairpieces made from hair with the cuticle intact are more expensive. In these cases, the hair has been “turned”, meaning the hairs are arranged so that the root ends are all in the same direction. This prevents tangling and makes the wig more durable and easier to style.

Custom Design – Where a head mold (or cast of your head) as well as a sample of your hair is taken to produce an accurate looking and precise fitting wig or hair piece. In addition, measures are taken to match color, density, curl pattern and length. This procedure can be timely in that it may take six to eight weeks to produce. Remember, top quality is expensive to produce and when shopping for a natural human hair wig or hairpiece, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Knowledgeable Hair Replacement Salon

There is no agency that oversees the accuracy of the labeling, processing and origin of hair. The word European hair is very freely used as is the term Remy hair. The majority of the hair on the market is not properly labeled. So ask your technician to assist you in understanding of the types of hair and their respective costs.

Also, going to a salon that is limited in experience and inventory or purchasing online can be disastrous. You may end up with a lesser quality hair that fades terribly, loses its style and lasts only a couple of months. You might also end up with hair that frizzes or doesn’t match your color or lifestyle.

Hair Enhancements is an internationally recognized salon and is located right here in Pittsburgh.

Hair Enhancements is an established and trustworthy hair replacement salon that offers the finest in top-quality, human hair wigs and hairpieces as well as, ready to wear synthetic wigs.