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Are you thinking to yourself, “I’m going to lose my hair. What do I do? Buy a scarf? Buy a hat? Go Bald? Get a Wig?” Please, feel free to call us at anytime to ask questions, or to schedule a discreet, confidential consultation with one of our certified professionals.

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical hair replacement?

Surgical hair replacement is a medical procedure transplanting hair from another area of the head and is performed by a plastic surgeon or medical doctor. Non surgical hair replacement includes custom fitted wigs, extensions, hair pieces or hair systems which are attached with clips, tapes or bonding.

Hair replacement, hair units and hair piece are all the same…just different terms.

A wig is necessary when you’re experiencing total hair loss or excessive thinning on the entire scalp. If the hair is thinning or missing on the top and crown only a hair system can be attached to the thinning area and incorporated with your existing hair.

When you order a custom wig a mold is made of your head for sizing. Specific instructions are sent to the manufacture ordering an exact, color, curl pattern, density, length and quality of hair. The factory uses these specifications to create your custom wig. Plan ahead as this process may take up to twelve weeks.

This is a tough question to answer because there are a lot of factors to consider. It depends on the quality of the hair, how often the piece is worn and how well it’s taken care of. This is an important consideration that we can discuss during your individual consultation.

At Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh we work with women who have a variety of hair loss stages from thinning hair to completely bald. There are a number of options available to you, so call us today to learn how we can help you.

When you purchase your wig or hair piece, you’ll be given a handout with complete care instructions.

To get the most wear out of your wig, sleeping in it is not recommended. Sleeping in a soft scarf or cap can be more comfortable, as well as warm and attractive. For women who like to have hair to sleep in, one solution is to wear an older wig to bed and wear your new wig during the day.

The best way to know is to come in and have a complimentary and private consultation. We know that having attractive hair can make you feel and look better. At Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh, we’ll help you to choose the quality of hair, the style, and upkeep that best fits your budget. You’ll never be pressured or sold. We accept major credit cards and also offer payment plans.

Our salon offers several private rooms for you to have a confidential and private consultation. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your family members and support system along with you.

There are so many types and varieties of wigs available from synthetic fashion wigs to custom designed one-of a kind custom wigs. Keep in mind that mass produced synthetic wigs are not designed for long-term daily wear or frequent use.

Due to our large inventory in many instances we can provide immediate delivery. If ordering a specific wig or hair piece the time varies from a week to twelve weeks for a custom order.

When you learn that you’re going to lose your hair, make your appointment as soon as you can. Your hair replacement will be ready when you need it. Knowing that you have something in place is a great piece of mind. If you’ve already begun to lose your hair, we have an extensive inventory of hair pieces, wigs, head wear, turbans, scarfs and any items you’ll need while your waiting for your custom wig.

No. Wigs, if worn and cared for properly, will not wear on your natural hair.