Your life might feel pretty heavy sometimes for small talk. 

When you’re exploring solutions during your hair loss, you feel like you need someone who’s going to provide you with a solution for your hair who will just pay attention to what you have to say and help you, as you’re feeling your hair literally slip right through your fingertips! 

This is why we believe in elevating our team to compassionate members of the community and LISTEN and take pride in making every appointment about the client. 

If you read the above and thought “wow, this sounds like something I’d love”, not only would we love to welcome you as a client, but we are also looking for someone to join our team.

💗We believe that true beauty comes from within. As a stylist with us, you'll have the opportunity to lend a compassionate ear, offer support, and be an essential part of your client's journey to confidence.


💗Our team is committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to specialize in hair loss solutions, including wig consultations and personalized care plans.


💗We encourage our stylists to think outside the box, explore new styles, and rise to the challenge of creating looks that not only wow aesthetically but also resonate emotionally.


💗Join a team that values collaboration, inclusivity, and continuous growth. Our salon is a space where creativity flourishes, and everyone's contribution is celebrated.


Ready to have a fulfilling career that you won’t want to leave?

Ready to have a team who supports & uplifts you every day you walk through the door?

Apply for the position today!

We would love to meet you.

Click here to go to the application.

January 20, 2024 — Kelsie Baldé