We Really Care About Hair

Hair Enhancements is a non-surgical hair replacement salon specializing in a variety of hair replacement services and products, including custom wigs (hair prosthetics) and custom hair toppers. We offer private consultations and solutions that are tailored to each individual. 

Conveniently located in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, we’re known for our privacy and quality. 

So whether you’re looking for hair replacement solutions for thinning hair from chemotherapy, alopecia or other conditions that cause hair loss, we’d be glad to help you. Hair Enhancements has been helping those experiencing hair loss improve their self-confidence for more than over 20 years. We’re also a proud and active member of the American Hair Loss Council as well as a partner of Pink Pamper.


Meet Kelsie

Kelsie Baldé is the owner of Hair Enhancements and she’s a full-time employee who works closely with our clients. But after many years in the hair industry, she has spent the past decade specializing in hair replacement because it’s her true calling. Kelsie has a passion for hair and for living in service to others, and she vows to always make any client she works with feel comfortable, beautiful and encouraged.  

“At Hair Enhancements, we build relationships with our clients and we’re with them through their journey with hair replacement,” says Kelsie. “People are often surprised at how much time and care goes into our work. But I can’t imagine it any other way. I’m blessed to be able to comfort and support people going through such a tough time when losing their hair. Seeing the smile on their face, knowing we were able to give them some control and confidence is priceless!"

Technical Supervisor

Meet Colton

Colton's role on our team is to make your experience flawless. With over 10 years in the industry, he’s one of the most well regarded, creative, and respected colorists in the Tri-State Area. As someone who has struggled with hair loss himself for over 15 years, he knows firsthand what this process is about as a stylist and as a client. His warm smile and bubbly charm put people instantly at ease and make them glad to come back. Colton’s attention to detail will ensure that you’re taken care of from the moment you call to book your appointment until you walk out the door looking and feeling fabulous. We know you’ll love him as much as we do!

Front Desk Coordinator

Meet Cody

Cody is very excited to be working on the Hair Enhancements team. He's been working in customer service and professional office settings for several years. He received his cosmetology license in 2016 from South Hills Beauty Academy and has a gift at making everyone who walks in the door feel so comfortable and welcome.

Hairloss Stylist

Meet Toma

Toma has been in love with the beauty industry for over 30 years. With so much experience and her vivacious personality, she can customize anything that comes her way and keep every customer calm and confident. Her focus is to help others look and feel good about themselves while going through a difficult time in their lives. "My goal is to have your fresh, new hair look like it's growing out of your head. I'm your Hair-apist!"