Helping YOU feel like YOU!

Custom Wigs

Natural. Beautiful. Comfortable. Our mission is to fit each client with a wig that exceeds their expectations and improves their lives. And we’re very conscious of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to women with medical hair loss, so we offer only the most comfortable designs that feel and look as natural as can be. 

When you visit Hair Enhancements, you’ll be able to touch and try on so many options from among hundreds of products as we customize the perfect match for your style and budget. In a private and supportive setting, you can explore a variety of wig types—ranging from synthetic hair to high-end human hair—that differ in cost based on materials and craftsmanship. And we will take time to really discover what you want and what can fit your lifestyle and budget best. 

But we don’t just help you choose the right wig. Our experienced and caring hair loss specialists will custom fit your wig and alter its design to make it just right for you. And our custom wig services include:

• Custom fitting (tape and plaster molds)

• Color (rooting, highlights, low lights, balayage, toning, and all over color)

• Cut

• Wash and style

• Formal styling

• Conditioning treatment/protein treatment

• Silicone added to inside

• Tape tabs added to inside

• Clips added to inside

• Alterations and repairs (including venting hair and resizing)

Custom Hair Systems

Hair systems—also called hair pieces, hair toppers, hair additions, fill in pieces, and falls—are used when your hair loss does not require a full wig. Hair pieces are smaller and designed to attach directly to your scalp or hair where you are experiencing hair loss or bald spots.

At Hair Enhancements, we take care of everything: custom ordering pieces, styling, coloring, treatments, alterations and repairs.

To purchase hair pieces, hair toppers, hair additions or fill in pieces and falls, please click here to contact us directly.

Hair Services

Our skilled team will work with you to determine the best option for your individual situation. We provide customization (such as cutting, coloring, or alterations) for wigs and hair pieces purchased from Hair Enhancements, and we help with upkeep of wearing the hair systems through regular cut, color, and styling appointments.