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Welcome to Hair Enhancements, a non-surgical hair replacement salon where we create exceptional custom wigs and custom hair pieces for women. Our caring team is with you every step of the way, from taking time to find the perfect high-quality items for your needs to carefully customizing, coloring and styling your wig or hair piece to ensure that you love your look and feel truly confident.

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At our full-service shop and salon, our experienced hair loss specialists will custom-fit the perfect wig for you, altering its design to exceed your expectations. We also offer custom hair systems and can provide hair services that work with a client’s biological hair. As experts at working with women with medical hair loss, we’re careful to offer only the most comfortable designs that feel and look truly natural. We think that hair toppers work best when they're custom matched, which can make buying them online a bit difficult. Our salon offers several private rooms for totally confidential and private consultations. And we’re always here to maintain, repair, and alter your wig or hair piece whenever you need us.


Everyone’s needs and budgets are different. Come explore our wide range of gorgeous custom wigs and hair pieces made of high-end human hair. We will be adding hair toppers and other wig cap designs in the coming future! Whatever your style or budget, we have solutions that will work for you. We also ship our products to all 50 states!

About Us

We love what we do. Our caring and experienced team has spent years working in hair replacement and we see this as not just our career, but our calling. Hair Enhancements owner, Kelsie Baldé, has been doing hair replacement for over a decade. She has a passion for hair and for serving others and vows to always make any client she works with feel comfortable, beautiful and encouraged, and her dedicated team feels the very same way.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Hair loss is difficult. For me, it was the Chemotherapy that caused my hair to fall out. It was emotional, as expected, and I felt like I lost my identity. When I looked in the mirror, it didn't look like me. In addition, leaving the house was uncomfortable; people staring and asking what happened. Hair is so important for women; there was no question for me that I wanted to invest in a wig that made me look like me. When I'm out, I can then focus on the job, the fun, the people, life's experiences, and don't need to be concerned about explaining over and over again how I lost my hair.
— Katherine
Customer Reviews
When I first started experiencing hair loss, I was naturally devastated. I felt like a part of my identity was being stripped away from me, with no say in the matter. It took me a while to navigate what felt safe and comfortable to me and I’m still learning every day. What I have gained is a newfound confidence in myself which is not centered around my looks. I have become more optimistic, headstrong, and determined. I’m passionate about not letting my hair loss control my life. I am more confident in the person I am and what is truly important in life!
— Lindsey
Customer Reviews
My hair loss came from having a lot of stress in my life at the time. My husband was in the battle of his life, cancer takes a toll not only on the person that has cancer but the loved one who is taking care of that person. I had fine hair to begin with, but when it started falling out in clumps, I knew it wasn't good. I had worn hair extensions before but I didn't have enough hair after that, to attach it to it. So I decided to try a wig... The best wigs I have ever had were from Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh.
— Nadine
Customer Reviews
I was diagnosed with Trichotillomania, or the hair-pulling disorder, when I was 13 years old. People at school started to notice and ask me why I had so many bald patches. I was extremely insecure about it, so my mom and I started looking for somewhere to get a wig. I am thankful for everyone at Hair Enhancements for allowing me to be more comfortable in my own skin while tackling my trichotillomania.
— Sarah

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You have questions, especially if you’re dealing with hair loss for the first time. Come explore our resources page to learn more about the causes of hair loss, discover all the details about custom wigs and hair pieces.