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Client Reviews

"I’m 73 and I bought a topper back in October because I have thinning hair at my crown. From the initial evaluation consultation with Kelsie to my most recent visit for maintenance I have been extremely pleased with Hair Enhancements and all the people who work there. I highly recommend!!"

"I have been a client for many years and it wasn’t until I found this amazing salon, that I felt myself again. I receive more compliments on my hair color and style than ever before. The staff is always patient, kind, considerate and compassionate. Thank you to Kelsie, Cody, Colton and Toma for your commitment to excellence, client satisfaction and outstanding customer service. You are the best!"

"Hair Enhancements is top notch! From scheduling to pick up is easy and flexible. The entire team (Cody, Colton and Kelsie) are knowledgeable, professional and patient. Most of their customers are in a vulnerable place with their confidence and comfortability. They are empathetic and help to restore that confidence all while making sure you have fun! Thank you for a great experience and making me feel special in one of the scariest journeys of my life."

"Kelsie and her staff are absolutely amazing! I’m so happy with my wig- I feel like myself again. I was so comfortable with Kelsey. I highly recommend!"

"Everyone at Hair Enhancements is so nice. Kelsie took her time with me to find the hairpiece I'd be happiest with. Having pretty hair is a real self-esteem boost. Worth the investment."

"I have multiple hair pieces from Hair Enhancements and love them all! They are lightweight, fit perfect, and look great! Kelsie and the staff are caring, compassionate, and extremely skilled at what they do. I’ve referred co-workers, friends, and family to them and will continue to do so! I highly recommend!!!"