Look, you’ve got enough on your mind as a woman and the last thing YOU need, is to look around as spring starts to truly shine, and worry about pulling weeds like dandelions! 



What does this have to do with anything regarding wigs or hair loss? 



We want to start providing you with holistic wellness wisdom to help you in the journey of aiding your health as you experience hair loss and thinning hair. 



And we thought we’d keep it simple, with items you have right at your fingertips. 



Par for the course, we have so many dandelions around and so few people know how to use them!

According to Wishgradenherbs.com, dandelions actually make a great herb for supporting the healthy function of the liver, gallbladder, digestive system, spleen, and kidneys. It acts as an amazing detoxifier! And the hint of delightful bitterness can actually sort of replicate the taste in coffee to curb the less helpful caffeine habit.


Not to mention that during your pregnancy when you’re more prone to UTIs, dandelions can help with your urinary tract system functioning well too. 



And for those of you TRYING to get pregnant or practice NFP, dandelion is also used to bring balance to the menstrual cycle in women and can be comforting to pre-menstrual bloating, tension, and tenderness of the breast tissue.



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