For you if you’re:

🟩 A mom who used to have full luscious locks, and now experiencing hair loss aka thinning hair and fatigue and brain fog 

🟩 A woman undergoing chemo and all of the emotion around that is so much as it is
🟩 A female experiencing alopecia

🟩 Someone who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery and you’re realizing that one of the side effects is significant hair loss
🟩 Experiencing hormonal changes as you age as a woman

🟩 Someone who’s been through some trauma and stress has taken over your life to the point that it’s affecting your overall health

🟩You simply want a feel more confident and look more vibrant during life’s toll  

We’re inviting you to the first ever Holistic Wellness Summit for Women Experiencing Hair Loss 


We can’t wait to have you. And your ticket proceeds will go directly to women facing hair loss who aren’t able to financially handle the cost of hair systems like wigs and toppers.


Register to attend now by clicking here