If you’re experiencing thinning hair or hair loss - and all the fatigue, brain fog, and stress that comes with it - this has been created just for you.

We’re officially inviting you to:

To the first annual Holistic Health and Beauty Summit for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Including speakers:

Our very own Kelsie Badlé - Feeling Confident Within - Breaking the Stigma of Hair Loss Shame

Founder of Pittsburgh Midwife & Co. and Functional Medicine Expert, Jennifer Nelson - Fully Consented Care and How to Nourish Your Body for Optimal Health Inside and Out

CEO and Mindset Coach, Marta Sauret Greca - Turning Down the Volume of Your Shoulds - Managing Stress During Heavy or Hectic Times

All proceeds will go directly towards funds for equipping women experiencing hair loss and financial hardship with quality wigs and toppers and holistic care!

All guests will be entered to win Hair Enhancements products from their online shop, and a consultation with Functional Medicine expert, Jenn Nelson!

Sign up at the link below to be the first to know all the details!